JMR Alrode Achieves BPW Gold Workshop Accreditation
JMR Alrode Achieves BPW Gold Workshop Accreditation

JMR Gauteng is one of the few service centres in South Africa that have obtained Gold Workshop Accreditation from BPW.


What does this mean for our Customers?

Firstly, our customers can be rest assured that their trailers are repaired and maintained using the correct tools, procedures and workmanship to ultimately reduce downtime and lower the cost per kilometre on their BPW axles.


Secondly, BPW SA has extended the warranty on their axles from 3 years to a 3 plus 2 year warranty.  A customer can qualify for the extended 2 year warranty if their axles are maintained according to the maintenance requirements prescribed by BPW (T&C apply).  Thereafter the trailer has to be serviced by an accredited BPW Workshop in order to qualify for the additional 2 year warranty.

What did the process entail?

 JMR commenced this process in June 2017 and had to have the following in place:

  • All Workshop personnel had to attend the following training at BPW:
    • Axle and Suspension Maintenance
    • TSB ECO Disc
    • Spare Parts
    • Steering Axles
  • A Workshop Tool Assessment was carried out.  The assessment covered specific tools required for maintenance on the BPW range of axles.
  • A site inspection was conducted to ensure that the required PPE signs, equipment, markings, record keeping and manuals are in place.


Furthermore, inspections are conducted regularly to ensure that the required standards are maintained as per the strict guidelines provided by BPW.



For more information contact your JMR nearest branch.

JMR at the forefront of Trailer Technical Training
JMR at the forefront of Trailer Technical Training

JMR at the forefront of Trailer Technical Training


JMR Group want to provide people with an exciting journey into the trailer market and hope that this will encourage people to become passionate about trailers.  Internal Technical Training has always been part of the company but recently the COO Kevin Tucker suggested that this become more formalised so that it can upskill staff and can also be provided to clients.  Lawrence Keel (former Workshop Manager) is managing and controlling the Training Department. The Trailer Technology Program (TT), has been developed to address the need for qualified trained trailer staff within the trailer market.


The course’s key objective is to address the many challenges within the trailer market place.  It will develop the basic skills levels of the participants and empower the student to implement new skills in their own workspace - be that workshop, sales, management, drivers, administration, fleet/ freight management or any other aspect of the trailer industry. 


The new-found knowledge and skills will improve the quality of work output and the general image of the trailer market as a whole.  By the end of the courses the participant will have the necessary theory and practical knowledge to identify, repair and prevent problems in the following fields - Axles, Suspensions, Friction, Foundation Brakes, Air Brakes, Electrical, ABS, and EBS.


The course will consist of regular interval theory training and in between the training sessions, the student will apply his/her knowledge and new skills in their workplace environment.  Upon returning to the next session the student will have better insight and can ask relevant questions to further his/her understanding to the next level.  The student is required to pass the Technical Training 1 course before embarking on Technical Training 2.


Should you wish to receive more information on our Trailer Technology Program (TT) please contact Lawrence on 072 687 4782 or 011 908 2654 or email

JMR/BPW join forces with Transport Components in the Cape.
JMR/BPW join forces with Transport Components in the Cape.

JMR Trailer Parts Group, which is part of the BPW Group, and Transport Components, have joined forces in the Cape. Transport Components operate branches in Port Elizabeth and George and will now form part of the JMR Group through a deal which will see the JMR Group acquire a majority share in Cape Truck & Trailer (Pty) Ltd which is trading as Transport Components.


This transaction forms part of BPW’s global strategy to expand its presence in the aftermarket and more specifically in South Africa, using the JMR Group as its vehicle. BPW distributes its spare parts in Southern Africa through a wide network of independent distributors, within which JMR and Transport Components perform a major role. Both Transport Components and JMR are reputable spare parts distributors with years of experience and knowledge in the Industry. Transport Components operates 2 branches across the Eastern & Western Cape and JMR 8 branches across Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. The new venture will increase the footprint of the JMR Group to 10 branches nationally.


There is a both a strong business and cultural fit between the organisations, with service excellence and expertise being at the forefront of their operations. The partnership will allow for greater supply chain synergies and efficiencies between the companies to better service the aftermarket. The expected benefits of the transaction will include greater stock holding and an increased product range in the Eastern & Western Cape.  Furthermore, the deployment of new systems over time will allow for an improved customer experience.


BPW has no intentions of solely distributing through the JMR Group and it is important to BPW that its other existing distributors are protected and have a fair opportunity to compete.  Similarly, the JMR Group will not exclusively promote and distribute products. All suppliers’ products will be approached with the same support intensity as before, in line with the JMR strategy to place its customers’ requirements first. The JMR Group prides itself on service excellence and expertise and these will remain its primary goals moving forward. 


Andre Cilliers
Managing Director: BPW Axles (Pty) Ltd                                                                                                                             

Leon Mostert
Managing Partner: JMR Trailer Parts

Ulli von Wildemann
Managing Partner: Transport Components


JMR/BPW join forces with Transport Components in the Cape FAQ’S


Unfortunately, it is impossible to personally share this information with all stakeholders and it was thus decided to compile a list of frequently asked questions to clarify and eradicate any misconceptions in the market.

Will Transport Components change its name?

Yes, the company will adopt the JMR branding over time and form part of the BPW aftermarket group of companies. The registered name will change to ‘JMR Transport Components (Pty) Ltd.’ pending CIPC approval.

Will Transport Components move premises?

Both Port Elizabeth and George will continue operating from their current premise for now.

Will the staff structure be retained, following the transaction?

There will be no change in staff or structure. The company will operate with the same focus on customer service.

Will BPW’s pricing structures to its distributors be affected?

BPW will continue to supply and treat all its existing business partners in the spare parts market as before at the standard market conditions, whether or not they are members of the BPW Group.

What are the benefits of the transactions?

With the support of the BPW & JMR Group, the expected benefits of the transaction will include greater stock holding and an increased product range in the Cape. The JMR Group will increase its buying power and national footprint with access to the Western & Eastern Cape and BPW will have even better access to its customers’ needs, through which it can expand its solutions for transport companies in a customer-orientated manner.


For more information on BPW strategy to expand its presence in the aftermarket please also see the press release ‘BPW acquires a majority stake in JMR’ available at:


Visit the respective websites of BPW and JMR: and

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