JMR at the forefront of Trailer Technical Training
JMR at the forefront of Trailer Technical Training

JMR at the forefront of Trailer Technical Training


JMR Group want to provide people with an exciting journey into the trailer market and hope that this will encourage people to become passionate about trailers.  Internal Technical Training has always been part of the company but recently the COO Kevin Tucker suggested that this become more formalised so that it can upskill staff and can also be provided to clients.  Lawrence Keel (former Workshop Manager) is managing and controlling the Training Department. The Trailer Technology Program (TT), has been developed to address the need for qualified trained trailer staff within the trailer market.


The course’s key objective is to address the many challenges within the trailer market place.  It will develop the basic skills levels of the participants and empower the student to implement new skills in their own workspace - be that workshop, sales, management, drivers, administration, fleet/ freight management or any other aspect of the trailer industry. 


The new-found knowledge and skills will improve the quality of work output and the general image of the trailer market as a whole.  By the end of the courses the participant will have the necessary theory and practical knowledge to identify, repair and prevent problems in the following fields - Axles, Suspensions, Friction, Foundation Brakes, Air Brakes, Electrical, ABS, and EBS.


The course will consist of regular interval theory training and in between the training sessions, the student will apply his/her knowledge and new skills in their workplace environment.  Upon returning to the next session the student will have better insight and can ask relevant questions to further his/her understanding to the next level.  The student is required to pass the Technical Training 1 course before embarking on Technical Training 2.


Should you wish to receive more information on our Trailer Technology Program (TT) please contact Lawrence on 072 687 4782 or 011 908 2654 or email