JMR Alrode Achieves BPW Gold Workshop Accreditation
JMR Alrode Achieves BPW Gold Workshop Accreditation

JMR Gauteng is one of the few service centres in South Africa that have obtained Gold Workshop Accreditation from BPW.


What does this mean for our Customers?

Firstly, our customers can be rest assured that their trailers are repaired and maintained using the correct tools, procedures and workmanship to ultimately reduce downtime and lower the cost per kilometre on their BPW axles.


Secondly, BPW SA has extended the warranty on their axles from 3 years to a 3 plus 2 year warranty.  A customer can qualify for the extended 2 year warranty if their axles are maintained according to the maintenance requirements prescribed by BPW (T&C apply).  Thereafter the trailer has to be serviced by an accredited BPW Workshop in order to qualify for the additional 2 year warranty.

What did the process entail?

 JMR commenced this process in June 2017 and had to have the following in place:

  • All Workshop personnel had to attend the following training at BPW:
    • Axle and Suspension Maintenance
    • TSB ECO Disc
    • Spare Parts
    • Steering Axles
  • A Workshop Tool Assessment was carried out.  The assessment covered specific tools required for maintenance on the BPW range of axles.
  • A site inspection was conducted to ensure that the required PPE signs, equipment, markings, record keeping and manuals are in place.


Furthermore, inspections are conducted regularly to ensure that the required standards are maintained as per the strict guidelines provided by BPW.



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